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Dixon, Davis, Bagent & Company is available to assist your institution with its Loan Review needs, from developing internal loan review and assist classification policies and procedures, to performing an independent internal loan review for you on an outsourced basis. Our highly experienced team of loan review professionals will work with management to develop the best option to suit your particular needs.

We are available to provide you with a thorough, ongoing internal loan review on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Our professionals will analyze individual loans for quality and risk, as well as for basic documentation required by your policy, and prudent lending practices in the industry. We will offer classification recommendations based on our reviews, which may be utilized in determining the adequacy of your Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss account if you so desire. We can also assist you in developing a reasonable and acceptable methodology for performing the regular assessment of the adequacy of your allowance.

Our loan reviews usually also result in an assessment of the effectiveness of your lending-related policies and procedures, as well as your overall loan administration.

We base our assessments on our experience, rather than simply plugging numbers into a spreadsheet or model. We believe that loan review is an art rather than a science, and that there is no quick and easy solution that can replace good old-fashioned, hands-on experience. With several qualified loan review professionals with over 20 years of experience each, DDB & Co. is uniquely qualified to assist you with your loan review needs.

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