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Our approach to the internal audit function is to spend time "up front" to assess the relative risk in the various operational areas of the bank. We complete a formal Risk Assessment Matrix to identify the particular areas of audit concern. Then we tailor our internal audit schedule and scope accordingly. We also incorporate any particular areas of concern noted by the client's audit committee or management team, as needed or requested.

Our internal audit schedule is then established to cover all of the audit areas within a 12 or 24 month period. The frequency of the individuals is governed by the degree of risk, with the higher risk areas reviewed at least annually.

We usually report to management at the conclusion of our visit in an exit meeting. We then prepare a written report for the audit committee (and management). We normally attend the quarterly audit committee meetings to be available to answer questions and provide clarifications or explanations as needed.

Our internal audits are more detailed in scope and coverage than what is found in an external audit, with the emphasis more toward internal controls and operations. We will offer suggestions for corrections and improvements wherever we see them. We are able to draw on our years of experience in the financial institution industry to identify potential helpful recommendations that may not necessarily result from a specific audit procedure, but rather simply from experience and observation.

Our audit team assigned to the various internal audit engagements includes a mix of our more experienced personnel. With assistance from our hand picked core of auditors, this team is fully capable of serving you and your institution's needs.

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