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Dixon, Davis, Bagent & Company can take the quarterly, semi-annual and annual Holding Company reporting burden off of you and your staff. We are also available to perform the ongoing bookkeeping services for your holding company.

We are capable of preparing and electronically filing your holding company's quarterly FR Y-8 (Bank Holding Company Report of Insured Depository Institution's Section 23A Transactions with Affiliates) and the semi-annual FR Y-9SP (Parent Company Only Financial Statements for Small Bank Holding Companies) reports with the Federal Reserve Bank.

We can also prepare the annual FR Y-6 (Annual Report of Bank Holding Companies) for your review and filing.

Since we prepare these reports for numerous of our current holding company clients, and work closely with the Fed staff throughout the year on these various reports, we are able to offer you an increased efficiency and competence in this reporting, and at a reasonable investment on your part.

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